Our Locations: Training Centre and Office

Ankur Kala started out in single room in Salkia, Howrah in the year 1982. Today, we are headquarterd at Kolkata and we have two locations in the Park Circus area. We also have a presence in Sonarpur, a village in the 24 Parganas district, where we have started a captive organic farm to supply our JSP activities.

Women's Training Centre
Location: 72B Park Street, Kolkata 700017.

This is the hub of activity at Ankur Kala. Our women learn various skills on the job at various departments - Canteen, Jam, Sauce and Pickle making, Batik, tailoring, block printing, silkscreen, packaging, etc. All the production activities of the organisation are represented here, so it is somewhat like our factory!

Our morning yoga session which is followed by a short meditation and common prayer, is also held at the WTC.

The building also has a small hall that can be hired for sessions or programmes, particularly by our other NGO friends.

Sign board on Ankur Kala Women's Training Centre

Administrative Office and Showroom
Location: 3, Meher Ali Road, Kolkata 700017.

Our coordination hub, as well as a small showroom to directly market Ankur Kala products. Do visit!

Our locations: A Miracle on 72B Park Street and Gift of 3, Meher Ali Road
In founder Annie Joseph's own words.
Display window at Ankur Kala office and showroom
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Ankur Kala is a registered charity, in Calcutta, India.