Annie Joseph grew up in Kolkata (Calcutta) where she was extremely privileged to be in close contact with Mother Teresa - as one of Mother's first schools was started in her family house way back in 1957. The idea of reaching out in service grew strong in young Annie and she headed for Mumbai (Bombay) to pursue an unconventional area of study, for those times - Social Work.

After passing out from TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai) Annie Joseph, then only 25 years, made a clear choice to give a new life to the underprivileged women of her home city, Calcutta. This choice has taken her, and the organisation she founded, Ankur Kala, through three decades of service to women.

Annie was also very fortunate to be in close contact with Brother Roger of Taizé (France) and was able to travel widely all over Europe and being part of the Taizé intercontinental team, from a very young age. Through this exposure she was able to have a firsthand experience of the poor and slums in almost every continent.

During her post graduate years at Tata Institute she was very privileged to have social activist Medha Patkar as her professor and guide.

Her close contact with Mother Teresa, Medha Patkar, Jean Vanier (France,) Brother Andrews and Brother Roger of Taizé in her early 20’s greatly influnced her, and reinforced her desire to serve the marginalised.

In the last three decades, Annie has stayed true to her vocation of Sowing Seeds of Hope, and continues to inspire and lead Ankur Kala as its Secretary, today.

Our locations: A Miracle on 72B Park Street and Gift of 3, Meher Ali Road
In founder Annie Joseph's own words.

- My Life and Work - the story of Ankur Kala related by Annie Joseph. [PDF]

Annie Joseph (3rd from left)
and other Ankur Kala staff discuss strategies in the little Meher Ali Road office room
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