Sponsor: make a donation towards a specific cause close to your heart

a) Sponsor a sister
While the woman learns a trade at Ankur Kala, your support is imperative to ensure she does not drop out for necessities at home, which will cause her to seek out badly paying but immediate work. Basic nutritional needs and conveyance is what we aim to provide at this crucial time.
An sponsorship amount of US$ 500/ INR 25000 per year can roughly cover these expenses.

b) Train a woman in a trade
We welcome your generous financial support for our empowerment programmes for vocational skill training, functional literacy and health awareness.
It costs approximately US$ 1000 / INR 50000, to provide 1 year's training to 1 woman.

Sponsors can, either individually or collectively, support 1 or more women for either 6 months,1 year or 3 years. All sponsors will receive a photo of the woman they are assisting and regular progress reports until she graduates from Ankur Kala. Ankur Kala will answer all your queries at any time during sponsorship.

c) Sponsor our energy costs
Sponsor the energy costs of our office, Women's Training and Production Centre and our rural hubs.
An sponsorship amount of US$ 500/ INR 25000 can roughly subsidise these expenses, for 1 year.

d) Sponsor our equipment requirements
Whether it is adding a sewing machine at our rural tailoring projects, or simply a mobile phone for a field worker to be connected to the office, Ankur Kala needs equipment to function effectively, provide services or run its centres. Equipment is usually budgeted, but some requirements may also come up during the year, so requirements for sponsors vary considerably. Contact us for current requirements or choose to donate towards a project from our Project Wishlist.

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