Commendations and Press coverage

Ankur Kala has quietly gone about its work of empowering women for the last 30 years. Many persons and organisations have appreciated our good work and testified to the positive change we make, for our graduates, and beyond.

Sometimes, we have also recieved encouragement for our efforts with mentions in the press, both nationally and internationally. A few of these have been complied here, please download and view the same. More content is likely to be added on an ongoing basis.

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Touching messages from Ankur Kala's well wishers on our 30th Anniversary»

In the year 1992 when Luxembourg Prime Minister His Excellency Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker was on a diplomatic visit to Delhi he extended his journey to Kolkata just to visit Ankur Kala! A very special occasion for us, to receive our benifactor - and for others, a grand media event, as journalists jostled for space on the pavement outside.
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Commendations & Press