Involve: Experience Ankur Kala in a personal way, as you contribute

Here's what some of our volunteers have felt, working with us:

"It was a wonderful experience in Ankur Kala with all the women. I have learned a lot from them, it is a life time experience in Ankur Kala for me. I would love to come back and work as a volunteer again in future."

"Had a very good and memorable time while working in Ankur kala. It was a life time experience. I shall never forget how fortunate I was to experience so much joy inspite of great responsibilities."

"Learnt a lot in Ankur Kala, there is a combination of joy, hard work and spiritual interest and I learnt how to make paper bags and colourful posters. "

'"It was a very different experience and also one that I have never had. The work given to me was not very tiring yet interesting to do and the girls helped out a lot in case of any confusion as per understanding. "

To volunteer at Ankur Kala, Contact us here »

Besides general volunteering, there are some distinct ways you can help us:

Pro bono work
Professionals in any field who feel that their expertise would be of use to Ankur Kala and have time to commit, are most welcome to contribute on a pro bono basis. Fill out the form here, and well be with you asap »

College students for credits
Colleges can motivate their students to volunteer at Ankur Kala, for much-needed social exposure and reward them with social credits. Colleges can contact us for more information, if they are interested in joining this programme – to build young leaders with a heart. Students – you, too, can ask your colleges to join! Contact us here »

Network Market AK products
Buy our products on a hamper/bulk basis and spread the goodness of our organic and environmentally friendly creations. You will receive a special discount and it will be a doubly rewarding venture – you are helping a woman stand on her feet, with dignity. Ask for our catalogue of products, order products, and sell them to your friends and contacts! Contact us here »

Other simple ways to get involved
*Tell others about our website - ask them to visit
*Email us for more information/queries – or share some knowledge with us
*Ask for our flyers and VideoCD - share them with others
*Make a group visit to our centre and interact with our women
*Visit our showroom and see/buy the various handicrafts made by our women artisans

An Ankur Kala exhibition: Supporting our products is supporting our women.
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