Our Women

Our women come from diverse backgrounds, with the common thread of poverty, and sometimes. desperation. At Ankur Kala, we give our women the opportunity they need to get out of the cruel circle of marginalisation, and take their lives into their control - bettering life for themselves as well as their dependents.

What are the transitions made by the Women who join AK?

An input session at
Ankur Kala Women's Training Centre.
Before joining Ankur Kala
Average earning per day: Very often nothing – mostly dependent on their parents, brother, or other relative.

Average Savings per annum: NIL Savings per annum

Skills for employment: Most of the women have no skills.

Health and awareness: Usually no perceptions and awareness. Extremely low knowledge in hygiene, health and nutrition.

After joining Ankur Kala
Average earning per day: Earning around Rs. 150/- per day with other facilities like medical, transport and children’s education. Economic advancement.

Average Savings per annum: Minimum Rs. 2,500/- to Rs. 3,000/-

Skills for employment: Various skills in batik, tailoring, silkscreen printing, canteen – develop confidence in business skills, costing, budgeting, selling products, marketing for raw materials.

Health and awareness: This is the biggest problem due to cultural backwardness and mindset. At Ankur Kala wholesome and delicious vegetarian food is provided inhouse to its women and slowly teaches and demonstrates to them and their children the importance of health and hygiene. Meals for our women consist of Soyabean in various forms for protein, Curd /Youghurt in different forms, healthy, non greasy biryani and Chinese food with no ajinomoto, and enough green vegetables.

Total number of women passed through Ankur Kala in the last 35+ years:
- Over 6000 women graduated from our Training centre.
- Around 10,000 women reached, if networking groups, job workers and the trainees are included.
Our Women
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