Governing Board

Ankur Kala has a Governing Board, which meets regulary to discuss and decide on all issues concerning the organisation, and to help direct the momentum of its activities. An International Advisory Board also supplements the Governing Board with inputs towards the organisations decisions. While the day-to-day running, and most planning is seen to by the Governing Board, the IAB consists of persons from all over the world who have interacted with Ankur Kala over the years and desire to lend their support in the organisations mission of creating a more sustainable community.

Madhuri Chowdhuri
31 Beniapara Lane, Kolkata – 700 078

Susanta Kr. Bhattacharya
3/18 Surya Nagar, Kolkata – 700 040

Valentine Xavier
76 Theatre Road, Kolkata – 700 017

Shubhashree Chander
Social Service
147, Block–G, New Alipore Kolkata – 700 053

Annie Joseph
10 Bedford Lane, Kolkata – 700 016
Shibani Bagh
AK Graduate
36J Shitala Tala Road, Kolkata – 700 011
Geeta Rodrigues
Social Worker
7 Meher Ali Road, Kolkata - 700 017
Nicole Maillard |14 Allee Buffon, 69110 Ste Foy Les Lyons, France
Sarita James
|110 William Street, Floor 3, New York, NY 10038, USA
Kajsa Perneman
| Almvagen 4 S-45931, Ljungskille, Sweden
Vi Cottrell
|174 Gayhurst Road, PO Box 35-049, Christchurch, New Zealand
Johanna Holtzhauer
| Romberg Amburger Park, 11 D-53227, Bonn, Oberkassel, Germany
Dolores Chew
|4393 Coolbrook Montreal, QC, Canada
Dr. Jenny Amery
| 1 Palace Street, London, SW 1E 5HE, UK
Inger Dejke
|Robert Macfies VAG 47 S-459 33, Ljungskile, Sweden
Tsjebbe Devries
|Van Heutszstraat 49, 6521 Ot Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Mariano Arago
|Corral Pico del Aguila Urb. Las Suertes, Madrid, Spain
Elsa Kottor
|5843 W. Wethersfield Drive, Gledale, AZ 85304, USA
Malini Mehera
|1 Trafalger Avenue, London, SE15 6NP, UK
Peter Wells
| 572 Onmason Avenue, Chicago, IL60646-6214, USA
Regina Bernhardt
| Lloster-garten 7 D-38871, Drubeck, Germany
Management Team

Ankur Kala's Management team – our women heading the office, production and marketing – runs the day to day operations.

Safia Begum (Office)
Kiran Begum (Sales)
Shibani Bagh and
Sumita Mondal
Razia Begum (Jam, Squash, Pickle making)

Also there are our Global Ambassadors
our well wishers and friends who actively promote Ankur Kala in their communities:

Inger Dejke, Sweden | Gudrun & Peter Nolskog, Sweden | Otto Brorby, Norway | Tsjebbe De Vries, Holland | Liduine Heetman, Netherlands | Anneke Kuyer, Holland | Peter Gheyle, Belgium | Armin & Regina Bernhardt, Germany | Johanna Holzhauer, Germany | Heiner Koehnen, Germany | Mariano Aragon, Spain | Sr. Gudrun (from Helper Sisters), Austria | Pam De Sousa, France | Nicole Maillard, France | Alison Newell, Scotland | Alison Webster, U.K. | Dolores Chew, Canada | Francois Lortie, Canada | Ian Hasan, Canada | Jennifer De Groot, Canada | Peter Wells, USA | Elsa Kottor, USA | Paul Joseph, USA | Vi Cottrell, New Zealand | Francoise Theisen, Luxembourg | Tove Lonne, Norway | Kajsa Perneman, Sweden | George Park, Singapore | Abraham Chacko, Singapore | Felicity Casserly, Ireland | Angela Lee, Singapore | Lim Lik Mong, Singapore

Nitya Poviah
Social Worker
10B, Lee Road, Kolkata - 700 020

Lisa Mehra
27, Christopher Road Kolkata 700 047

Charlotte Simpson Veigas
10/3A Jhowtalla Road Kolkata 700 017

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