Collaborators and Partners

In 1995 Ankur Kala decided to open its doors to other NGOs and institutions to benefit from the various income generation programmes and small business management skills learnt and practiced by the women artisans of Ankur Kala. In collaboration with Overseas Development Agency (ODA), a British governmental agency and Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) Ankur Kala conducted a number of small enterprise management training programmes for bustee dwellers living in different areas of Calcutta.

These programmes were very much appreciated by the participants and at the request of ODA and CMDA similar programmes were conducted again. Thereafter over the years a large number of small enterprise training programmes have been conducted for women of other NGOs where Ankur Kala’s senior women artisans and staff have taught how to start and run small business enterprises – through demonstration and classes in marketing, sourcing of raw materials, stock taking, accounting, bill making, selling.

In partnership with another NGO, Development Research Services and Communication Centre (DRCSC) and HASUS, Ankur Kala has also started a kitchen gardening and community health training programme in a few villages of South 24-Parganas. This initiative holds great promise for the future for creating a sustainable rural model for the economic and social empowerment of marginalized and destitute women living in the villages of West Bengal.

Other organisation Ankur Kala is working with, in India and abroad:

Trade Aid, New Zealand; Ten Thousand Villages, USA ; Helper Sisters, France; BASAID, Switzerland

Nabanari, Apne Aap, Sanlaap, Swayam Asha Niketan, Maitree, Kasba Rehabilitation Centre, Paripurnata, Service Centre Friends of Ankur Kala

"Love isn't Love, unless you give it away."

Even as you - friends, well wishers and collaborating organisations have come forward in support of the work of Ankur Kala...
The Women of Ankur Kala are also inspired to reach out to help other woman less fortunate:
- Visiting them
- Teaching them
- Voluntarilly donating money and distributing it among the needy.

Sharing joy: Our women dance in celebration after a programme at Ankur Kala.
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